[78-L] and young record-spinners.

Graham Newton gn at audio-restoration.com.invalid
Thu Mar 16 07:22:56 PDT 2023

On 3/13/2023 11:56 PM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
> Here's one I found. You can poke around here and maybe find what you are
> looking for. This one has "Old McDonald Had A Farm."
> https://archive.org/details/bobandraycompletecollection/Bob_and_Ray_Audio/The+Wally+Ballou+Story+Vol+1+%5BDisc+4%5D/09+Dean+Archer+Armstead+(Talks+About+Your+Lawn+-+Bob+Translates).mp3
> https://archive.org/details/bobandraycompletecollection

Hi Mark...

You hit it right on... I found two B&R shows using the "Farmer in the Dell" 
tune as a theme, but whadya know they were both different although they both 
sound like "kiddie record" material!!

I'll keep looking... the one I'm looking for has a more complete orchestration 
probably from a bigger production on a major label?

... Graham Newton

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