[78-L] Kiddie records

Malcolm malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Tue Mar 14 10:45:34 PDT 2023

When I was a small children I had the usual Golden records and other 
kiddie labels that kids enjoyed. I was, of course, a kid! But I also had 
Spike Jones and Stan Freberg records as well. Why haven't they been 
considered here? Too adult?? Yeah, but... Spike fell back on kid's 
material toward the end of his recording career at RCA Victor. However, 
his "regular" material should not be ruled out. Nothing better than 
whiz-bangs and crazed tenor banjo players to make a kid smile. Freberg 
appealed to kids of all ages, and still does. His teevee ads were sheer 
encapsulated genius, as well. If kids can dig the droll puns in Rocky & 
Bullwinkle they'll love Freberg.
Malcolm R

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