[78-L] 78-L - broken disc, genuine catastrophe

Andrew Evans andrew.evans at pt.lu.invalid
Sat Jun 27 13:49:43 PDT 2020

A cretin on eBoy sold me an E- copy of an early French jazz rarity which 
he proceeded to wrap in single-ply corrugated card seemingly repurposed 
from an unfolded bottle carton, two winds of bubble-wrap and a gatefold 
LP sleeve. No surprise that the disc arrived in two neat pieces: it 
could have been a lot more than two.

I remember from way back that John R T had designed and built a jig to 
clamp together the fragments of a broken disc long enough and firmly 
enough to allow a dub to be extracted. Not sure what other finesses 
Ristic might have used but I can imagine that rotating the wreckage at 
33.33  or even 16.66 might reduce the stresses on both disc and stylus 
at the fracture points.

Does anybody remember anything about that, or have some similar or 
alternative ideas? Among my numerous fatally-damaged discs this one is 
worth it: covetable in any state; it was only the second copy I'd seen 
in 22 years. And as a lightly-scuffed E- the fragments were until 
recently probably the best extant copy of Col D13019. Feh.

Stay safe during these strange times
still quietly astride the French-Luxembourg frontier, which has at least 
now reopened

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