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Kurt Nauck nauck at 78rpm.com.invalid
Sat Apr 6 09:09:27 PDT 2019

That sounds great, Ron! Let us know how or if we can help. If there is 
an expense, I would be happy to chip in; I'm sure others would do the same.

FB is nothing but a stream of consciousness - it has little value as a 
research tool. Posts are quickly buried never to be seen again. The one 
advantage over 78-L is that you can upload files.

The best online forum format I've seen is this one


You can see and follow threads, post files and search the database. They 
also have a Music section for record collectors.

On 4/6/2019 4:32 AM, ron at fial.com.invalid wrote:
> Hello Douglas Elliott, I often wondered what happened to you,  You did not post much after
> the Columbia days,  As I tried pay-for mail servers.  I finally just setup my own mailserver
> in-house and had complete control, which is better.  The commercial outfits are always
> buying each other, changing things to get more money, etc.
> Sure is nice to see all these names again.  I do have tons of posts from the time after
> Columbia, but I did lose a hard disk that wasn't being backed up once, so I did lose a chunk
> of posts from one year.   Between all of us we probably have all the posts, or almost all.
> I can write some code to sort them by date/time and remove the duplicates, that is an easy
> SQL database operaton.
> I don't remember, was it Donna Halper who had the 78 RPM shirts made?
> I don't do Twitter, but I heard that is where Mike Biel is to be found these days.
> __Ron Fial
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> On 4 Apr 2019 at 21:20, Douglas Elliot wrote:
>> Doug here, ringing in...
>> This has been an interesting thread.  I wish I had a full set of 78-l
>> posts, but I don't.  (I once had lots of personal emails from that era,
>> but with a computer crash about 8 years ago I lost them all.)  The whole
>> discussion brings back memories of those early days.  I was involved in
>> a major project at work and stressed out. With 78-l, I had created a
>> monster (a GOOD monster) and I discovered that certain maintenance tasks
>> can snowball into a major commitment.  I was always grateful that Ron
>> Fial offered to step in and take over the hosting and administration, so
>> I could enjoy 78-l like everyone else!  It's great to see so many
>> familiar names from 20 years back, still involved in an old fashioned
>> e-mail based forum.
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