[78-L] Oldtimers query

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Sun Apr 7 04:06:40 PDT 2019

An archive of 78-L mail, accessible for all users, not only 78-L 
members, would be a very good thing.

I have been wondering, the past week, if this thread, in reality, is the 
Last Supper or perhaps even a funeral feast for the 78-L. But the idea 
of a well searchable archive gives me hope for something better.
In order for the list not only to survive but to receive a renewed 
function for its users it needs - new users. I'm sure an archive would 
be an interesting source for participants in the various Facebook groups 
that deal with 78's. Those of us who follow these groups could easily 
link to the archive every now and then, and inform about the mailing 
list at the same time.

But the list as it is now also needs more activity: questions, answers, 
tips, thoughts - perhaps even reports about thrift store finds, if 
necessary. But that requires a joint effort. So let's scan through the 
78-L mail we already have on our computer, each of us, find a thread 
that is of interest, see if there's something more about that we want to 
know, say, discuss - and post our comment, question or answer.

My guess is that many of us practice the habit of lurking because there 
is no activity on the list, thus no use starting a new thread. So a 
period of joint deliberate thread-making could change the pattern. I 
guess it's called "Invest to save" in financial terms - sometimes it works.



On 2019-04-06 18:09, Kurt Nauck wrote:
> That sounds great, Ron! Let us know how or if we can help. If there is 
> an expense, I would be happy to chip in; I'm sure others would do the 
> same. FB is nothing but a stream of consciousness - it has little 
> value as a research tool. Posts are quickly buried never to be seen 
> again. The one advantage over 78-L is that you can upload files. The 
> best online forum format I've seen is this one 
> http://forum.talkingmachine.info/index.php You can see and follow 
> threads, post files and search the database. They also have a Music 
> section for record collectors. On 4/6/2019 4:32 AM, 
> ron at fial.com.invalid wrote:
>> Hello Douglas Elliott, I often wondered what happened to you, You did 
>> not post much after the Columbia days, As I tried pay-for mail 
>> servers. I finally just setup my own mailserver in-house and had 
>> complete control, which is better. The commercial outfits are always 
>> buying each other, changing things to get more money, etc. Sure is 
>> nice to see all these names again. I do have tons of posts from the 
>> time after Columbia, but I did lose a hard disk that wasn't being 
>> backed up once, so I did lose a chunk of posts from one year. Between 
>> all of us we probably have all the posts, or almost all. I can write 
>> some code to sort them by date/time and remove the duplicates, that 
>> is an easy SQL database operaton. I don't remember, was it Donna 
>> Halper who had the 78 RPM shirts made? I don't do Twitter, but I 
>> heard that is where Mike Biel is to be found these days. __Ron Fial 
>> __________________________________________________ On 4 Apr 2019 at 
>> 21:20, Douglas Elliot wrote:
>>> Doug here, ringing in... This has been an interesting thread. I wish 
>>> I had a full set of 78-l posts, but I don't. (I once had lots of 
>>> personal emails from that era, but with a computer crash about 8 
>>> years ago I lost them all.) The whole discussion brings back 
>>> memories of those early days. I was involved in a major project at 
>>> work and stressed out. With 78-l, I had created a monster (a GOOD 
>>> monster) and I discovered that certain maintenance tasks can 
>>> snowball into a major commitment. I was always grateful that Ron 
>>> Fial offered to step in and take over the hosting and 
>>> administration, so I could enjoy 78-l like everyone else! It's great 
>>> to see so many familiar names from 20 years back, still involved in 
>>> an old fashioned e-mail based forum.
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