[78-L] Oldtimers query

ron at fial.com.invalid ron at fial.com.invalid
Sat Apr 6 02:32:21 PDT 2019

Hello Douglas Elliott, I often wondered what happened to you,  You did not post much after 
the Columbia days,  As I tried pay-for mail servers.  I finally just setup my own mailserver 
in-house and had complete control, which is better.  The commercial outfits are always 
buying each other, changing things to get more money, etc.

Sure is nice to see all these names again.  I do have tons of posts from the time after 
Columbia, but I did lose a hard disk that wasn't being backed up once, so I did lose a chunk 
of posts from one year.   Between all of us we probably have all the posts, or almost all.

I can write some code to sort them by date/time and remove the duplicates, that is an easy 
SQL database operaton.

I don't remember, was it Donna Halper who had the 78 RPM shirts made?

I don't do Twitter, but I heard that is where Mike Biel is to be found these days.

__Ron Fial


On 4 Apr 2019 at 21:20, Douglas Elliot wrote:

> Doug here, ringing in...
> This has been an interesting thread.  I wish I had a full set of 78-l 
> posts, but I don't.  (I once had lots of personal emails from that era, 
> but with a computer crash about 8 years ago I lost them all.)  The whole 
> discussion brings back memories of those early days.  I was involved in 
> a major project at work and stressed out. With 78-l, I had created a 
> monster (a GOOD monster) and I discovered that certain maintenance tasks 
> can snowball into a major commitment.  I was always grateful that Ron 
> Fial offered to step in and take over the hosting and administration, so 
> I could enjoy 78-l like everyone else!  It's great to see so many 
> familiar names from 20 years back, still involved in an old fashioned 
> e-mail based forum.

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