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I've had the Lp for decades.  Don't know why, but I had always assumed these
were originally cut on 16" at 33 1/3, as an air-check-like format.  I don't
recall detecting any 78 noise on the Lp set, but they were a tad dull, and
listening to the 1999 Sony CD this week, these sure sound like 78s.  Doug's
note below mentions 24 discs, but I was not sure if those were 78 rpm dubs
made for the convenience of consumer players.  Now I'm really curious.

What were the originals?  
Where was the lathe, or lathes - in a back room at Carnegie or was this done
over a wire to some studio?

I'm guessing all this has been covered here before, and we've batted around
Carnegie Hall a lot in the last 25 years on 78-L, but I don't remember it if
these topics were covered.

Rodger Holtin
Henderson, TN

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 Hi David,

In June of 2011 George Avakian came to my studio with Jon Hancock and his 24
lacquers so I could transfer them. The name of the original engineer is
shown as Brickerhoff.  
Unfortunately the quality of the dubs is quite poor, including huge level
changes and questionable EQ (extreme shrillness). The positive thing is that
Buck Clayton's 3rd chorus on Honeysuckle Rose is intact, which I'm told  it
is not on the Sony issue. And my notes  show that I Got Rhythm "has edits".

I know George and Jon where very disappointed.

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Seth owns the original lacquers of the concert and was able to get - from
all reports - a beautiful transfer.
Jon Hancock (who wrote an entire book about the concert) has a
low-generation set of dub lacquers.
Neither have been commercially released. But there's always hope that a
legitimate agency will do the right thing.
-- Dave

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