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Let me clarify..Tatum had been recorded on tape, and 3 studios (or maybe 3 
private collectors with cutters) had each been given some of the tapes to 
transfer to lacquers. There was minimal duplication on the discs. There was 
also a slow speed tape, copied from 3 original reels, duplicating some of the 


On 1/17/2018 6:38 PM, David Lennick wrote:
> Gotta love these dubs that were made at various studios...some years ago a
> member of CAPS in Toronto brought me a load of Art Tatum lacquers, all cut in
> Toronto at a club and a private house in the late 40s, all obviously dubbed
> from a common tape source, some duplication, and done at 3 studios. And I have
> no idea if anything will ever happen with them.
> dl
> On 1/17/2018 6:28 PM, Douglas Pomeroy wrote:
>>    Hi David,
>> In June of 2011 George Avakian came to my studio with Jon Hancock and his 24 lacquers
>> so I could transfer them. The name of the original engineer is shown as Brickerhoff.
>> Unfortunately the quality of the dubs is quite poor, including huge level changes and
>> questionable EQ (extreme shrillness). The positive thing is that Buck Clayton's 3rd chorus
>> on Honeysuckle Rose is intact, which I'm told  it is not on the Sony issue. And my notes
>>    show that I Got Rhythm "has edits".
>> I know George and Jon where very disappointed.
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>> Seth owns the original lacquers of the concert and was able to get - from all reports - a beautiful transfer.
>> Jon Hancock (who wrote an entire book about the concert) has a low-generation set of dub lacquers.
>> Neither have been commercially released. But there's always hope that a legitimate agency will do the right thing.
>> -- Dave
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