[78-L] Shure M44G vs M44-7

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net.invalid
Mon Apr 10 04:09:03 PDT 2017

On 4/10/2017 3:21 AM, Christopher Steward wrote:
> I sometimes use a (modern) M44G for LPs, and find its frequency response quite even. I had the opportunity to try an N44-7 stylus for a short time, and found its bass somewhat bloated. However, the N44G stylus is specified with a maximum tracking force of 1.5g, which most people would consider inadequate for 78s; I use a Stanton 500 with a number of styli (an original 78 stylus and retipped 500AL styli) at about 5-6g and have had no problems with bottoming. There have been a number of suggestions that the current M44 is not on a par with the original ones, but no-one has identified a difference - maybe just poor quality control.Chris
Tracking on warped records is also a function of the capabilities of the 
given tonearm. And, warped records many times can be improved with even 
pressure and some warmth.

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