[78-L] KBS Transcriptions, and more

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Fri Mar 17 19:14:42 PDT 2017

Now then, if you were on Facebook, there are 3 or 4 groups where you'd have had 
an answer within 17 seconds......

First Keystones I knew of were King Cole Trio, and they had some connection 
with Standard and possibly other transcription companies. They also put out 
commercial 78s of Cole and some of their other artists, like Ken Baker's 
Orchestra. (I have a Ken Baker KBS transcription here, come to think of it.)


On 3/17/2017 8:12 PM, Malcolm wrote:
> Do we have someone on the list who's up on on transcription discs,
> specifically KBS (Keystone) 16" radio transcriptions? I am attempting to
> date some records from this manufacturer and keep coming up blank. I do
> know the trade style was first used in December 1940, and it was
> registered on Feb. 6, 1942, and that's about it.
> Generally I am looking for label histories and dating guides, if
> possible, for most Radio Transcriptions - on any size disc - from c.
> 1935 until they went out of use. Would the last issues be for AFRS/AFRTS
> (Armed Forces Radio Services / Armed Forces Radio & Television Services)
> records? I don't know the year, but I think it's late... maybe in the
> late 70s / early 80s?
> There must be a reference work out there somewhere, besides Prof. Biel's
> thesis, about these discs and their producers.
> But info is being very elusive. And I think it'll be a long slog through
> Billboard for me to find anything pertaining! I'd better get started...
> Malcolm R
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