[78-L] Centennial?

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WE may not need commemorative CDs because we're so old that we have the
first CDs, too, but that never stopped the marketers from yet another excuse
to repackage and sell again to the next generation every ten years, so I
figured we're about due for that next wave.

I thought somebody at NPR/PBS would have noticed this approaching.  It would
be sad if they decided the ODJB was just a bunch of white thieves who stole
it all from the blacks, so no point in promoting such injustice any further.

Hats off to Andrew and the Canadian celebration!

Speaking of Sweatman, has anybody verbalized a good description of the
differences between Ragtime and Jazz?

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On 15/02/17 06:22, Rodger Holtin 78-L wrote:
> Any commemorative CDs?  Any concerts?  Anything in the popular press?  Is
Facebook all abuzz about it?
> If so, I've not heard about it. Fifty years ago I bought the Vintage
Series album. I'll play it next week for old times sake. Gave my copy of the
first pressing of 18255 to my son so can't play it anymore. It sure was fun
to look at with 'jass' on the label.   Kinda fun to play, too.
Don't really need commemorative CDs do we, as they've already been reissued?
Do we really want the general public latching on to this fact, and
pretending they've always been interested in jazz? ("Haven't you heard,
darling, jazz is all the rage this season?")

Jazz collectors have always been a pretty insular lot, looking after
ourselves, and not relying on state grants and steenkin' ministers of
culture to patronize us.

      Julian Vein
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