[78-L] About record sleeves

elodie-roy at aliceadsl.fr.invalid elodie-roy at aliceadsl.fr.invalid
Wed Nov 23 03:01:34 PST 2016

Dear List-Members,

I hope this finds you all well.

I would have a little question about gramophone record sleeves.... 

I live in Scotland, and over the years I have accumulated - and grown quite fascinated with - sleeves bearing the names, logos and addresses of local gramophone dealers... I am intrigued, too, by the many ways in which these sleeves are assembled (machine-stitched, glued, etc), and by their different textures, colours, etc. This heterogeneity seems to suggest that the sleeves were produced and printed in many different places, but I am not sure about this at all.

Would you know whether discs would be shipped from the pressing plant to individuals dealers across the country, who would personally slip them into their own sleeves? Or were discs and sleeves made and shipped together?

I would be grateful for any information you may have on the topic.

Thank you in advance,


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