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Depends on where in Europe the 45 was released (or pressed).British and 
Scandinavian records had inserts that were part of the record, but could 
easily be pushed out for jukebox use.

Or, in the early/mid 1950's, a triangular insert which was also part of 
the record. This type was also used on certain German jazz pressings at 
the time.

Later, German and French 45's always had big holes like in the US; I've 
seen both the British/ Scandinavian type and the US type on Dutch 45's.

In the early 1970's some British labels started to manufacture solid 
45's (except for the small hole); that was about the time when they 
introduced 33 rpm for some 7'' releases. But not all of the "solid" 7'' 
were 33's.


On 2016-09-09 04:35, Rodger Holtin 78-L wrote:
> Yours is probably real low mileage, too, right?

> Most European 45s I've seen had inserts that looked like they were 
> part of the record. 
> http://www.planetearthrecords.co.uk/the-moody-blues-nights-in-white-satin-7-single-vinyl-record-45rpm-deram-1967-15920-p.aspWere 
> they really part of the record?
> The big hole in the Americn 45s was the introduction of massive wow 
> that seems to have become part of the music. Always played off center. 
> Guessing the European records maye have played a little truer with 
> less work. 78 content: Many 78s were reissued on 45. Sent from my 
> iPhone, which explainz any bad typjng and nonsensical word choices.
>> On Sep 7, 2016, at 8:10 AM, Julian Vein 
>> <julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid> wrote: My 45 adaptor is 60 
>> years old this month. It came with a Dansette record player in 1956. 
>> I never received another one with any other turntable since! Julian 
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