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Rodger Holtin wrote:

> My brother in law brought me a big batch of Thirties country records to make quick mp3s for him just so he could hear them. Lots of Montgomery Wards that I find with Bluebird numbers. Where they contemporary, i.e. Were the bbluebirds still I'm the catalog when the MWs were sold?
> I sense the Victors were out of print when the MW versions were sold but just not sure about the BLubirds and others that MW sourced.

Montgomery Ward records were pressed by Victor, Decca and even USRC (Varsity). I think the MW stuff from Victor/Bluebird is very near contemporary to corresponding Bluebird sides and generally later repressings of Victor material. Jimmie Rodgers' 1933 "Old Love Letters" was issued on MW (I have that one, in rather tough shape), originally on Victor 23840; what I don't recall for sure is how late the MW label is. My copy has a black label, and I don't remember if it states "Not Licensed For Radio Broadcast." (Later ones had a variation on the boilerplate "Licensed For Use" text.) Anyone out there have vintage Monkey Ward catalogs?

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