[78-L] Columbia Viva-tonal 40000 series

Darrell Lehman nickjay49 at gmail.com.invalid
Thu Aug 13 21:51:58 PDT 2015

Do you think Columbia just changed their mind after the first 5?  Any 
archives disclose what they had mind when they started?  Why not put 
them in with the 2000 or 15000 series?

Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
> Mark is correct. My first reaction to Darrell's question was "One more
> zero" but I decided that was too pat an answer. The Co 40000-D series
> holds some of the most sought after Hawaiian recordings, with only 37
> records in the series. Of those 37 records 5 are non-Hawaiian (plus one
> unaccounted for, discographically - Co 40008-D).
> Sol Hoopii, "King" Bennie Nawahi, Mme. Riviere, Keaumoku Louis and
> Queenie & David Kaili (an Australian/Hawaiian act wose masters were
> recorded in Australia) comprise the Hawaiian artists. The Nawahi
> material is made up of straight Hawaiian material and Bennie forgoes his
> regular jazz/vaudeville steel guitar style to play it straight.
> I am only missing 5 of the Hawaiians and the 4 non-Hawaiian sides in my
> collection.
> Malcolm
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> On 8/13/2015 4:34 PM, Mark Bardenwerper wrote:
>> On 8/13/2015 8:02 PM, Darrell Lehman wrote:
>>> Anybody know what's different about these as opposed to the 4-digit
>>> Viva-tonals?
>> Looks like a lot of Hawaiian
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