[78-L] Columbia Viva-tonal 40000 series

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Malcolm Rockwell wrote:

> ...The Co 40000-D series holds some of the most sought after Hawaiian recordings, with only 37 records in the series. Of those 37 records 5 are non-Hawaiian (plus one unaccounted for, discographically - Co 40008-D). Sol Hoopii, "King" Bennie Nawahi, Mme. Riviere, Keaumoku Louis and Queenie & David Kaili (an Australian/Hawaiian act wose masters were recorded in Australia) comprise the Hawaiian artists. The Nawahi material is made up of straight Hawaiian material and Bennie forgoes his regular jazz/vaudeville steel guitar style to play it straight.
> I am only missing 5 of the Hawaiians and the 4 non-Hawaiian sides in my collection.

The Abrams File shows only one side of Columbia 40001-D, and sketchy info at that. Malcolm, do you have more complete data at hand that could be posted here (and/or at the Facebook "annex" group)? Does this short series use regular W14xxxx matrices or does it have its own special matrix series?

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