[78-L] Longest wait? Slightly O/T

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Tue Jun 23 13:23:30 PDT 2015

What's the longest anyone has waited between hearing a piece of music 
once and obtaining it on disc? In 1956 I heard Tony Scott's "Aeolian 
Drinking Song" on RCA-Victor, which had very limited reissue (hasn't 
been touched by the usual boys--Lone Hill, Fresh Sound, Jazz Factory 
etc), mainly on CD in Japan. That's 59 years! A few days ago I managed 
to get a Japanese CD reissue (not those listed in Lord 10.0), and it was 
worth the wait! It's a kind of "free-form" performance, with great Bill 
Evans on piano (before he became "precious", and God's gift to jazz piano).

      Julian Vein

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