[78-L] A Couple More Unusual Edison Cylinder Cases

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com.invalid
Mon Jun 22 16:44:55 PDT 2015

  A couple more unusual (i.e., I haven't seen these before) cylinder cases.  I just brought home a large collection of cylinders, including many that were extremely moldy.  It was necessary to peel away the cylinder cases from the cylinders an many of them.  One had another label beneath it.  Don't know how many of these are around.  
The other says "EDISON RECORDS ECHO ALL OVER THE WORLD".  I have many that say "EDISON GOLD MOULDED RECORDS ECHO ALL OVER THE WORLD", this is the only one I've seen sans the "GOLD MOULDED" text.
You can see them here:
Are these really as uncommon as my sample seems to suggest?
Thanks!  Cliff

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