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Fri Apr 3 18:54:40 PDT 2015

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> Loss of hearing is surely a big ticket item as well, and that comes in
> various forms too.  My beloved high school choral director had been a
> concert tenor and toured as such after WWII (made two 78s - getting us
> solidly on-topic) and sometime in his late fifties he lost tone recognition.
> He could still hear to carry on conversations, but could not recognize music
> (melodies), much less sing it!  I could not grasp that problem at all when
> it happened to him, but now have an inkling of what that must feel like.
> Rodger
I know his problem.  I suffer from it, too.  It's called APD, Audio Processing Disorder.I can't recognize melodies anymore.  Hearing aids don't help.  I seldom (try to) listen to my records anymore.  Age: 81. Don Chichester

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