[78-L] Are There Any Operatic Collectors Still Out There?

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Earl, I think that is a common problem no matter what you collect!  My primary interest(s) tend to military stuff (uniforms, medals, patches etc) and while only 50, I have a massive 'collection' of that sort of thing that I hope my son can one day enjoy.....or, as I've told him, sell it all and go to Tahiti or whatever LOL.  ///I enjoy the older music of all kinds, but I am very particular about what I keep.  I mostly buy to resell because that is my retirement job LOL.  While I appreciate opera for its skill and style, I'm not much of a fan.  I am in the process of 'going through' several thousand records that I recently purchased from an estate, many of which are Opera, and difficult to locate info on other than the standard discographies that at least help me pin down the year if nothing else.   

On Mar 19, 2015, at 2:57 PM, OKIN EARL wrote:

> The reasons that I wanted to know if there were any operatic collectors out
> there were twofold.
> (1) I have 300 duplicates which I need to sell to make some SPACE!!!
> Please contact me at
> spats47 at ntlwotld.com
> for the link.
> (2) As I approach 70yo, I'm wondering if there are any YOUNG operatic 78rpm
> collectors out there whom I might befriend and, when the sad day arrives, I
> can leave my collection to...
> Any suggestions?
> Earl Okin.
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>> My wife and I are opera lovers.  I believe there are a lot of us opera
>> lovers out here, we just don't talk much.  Its getting much harder to find
>> mint condition 78s, but to me it is easier for opera disks, it seems they
>> were played less, or borrowed from libraries less.
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