[78-L] Are There Still Any Operatic Collectors?

Ken Matheson kenmath at yahoo.com.invalid
Thu Mar 19 15:58:17 PDT 2015

I picked up about 150 pre 1920 European opera
records from an estate, that the old gentleman had
obtained from a library or conservatory. I sold a
few. They did much better then other records I
have put on Ebay. So there must be some collectors
out there, or people that just like opera.

People that like opera or classical are lucky
because it does not go out of style. Most people
acquire a taste for a particular music in their teenage
years. You have to like what is in at the time to
be one of the crowd.

I notice casinos play rock from the 50s, and
60s because they are catering to the 50 to 80 year
old crowd. I still like some of the 50/60s rock, but
I have acquired a taste for blue grass, Japanese pop,
and a few others.

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