[78-L] uploading 78s to youtube: about 600 so far

David Breneman dbreneman at t-online.de.invalid
Wed Mar 4 10:42:27 PST 2015

Von: Robert Godridge <rgodridge1 at gmail.com.invalid>

> I've started, a month or more ago uploading my 78s to youtube. you can
> find them at http://www.youtube.com/user/djoutrage18/videos

I've never understood what the attraction is of putting audio
files on YouTube.  It seems like an incredibly extravagant use
of a *video* streaming service.  I assume that yours, with a
still picture, don't use as much bandwidth as the guys who 
show a video of the record playing on a turntable, but it still
seems like overkill, especially when YouTube audio is typically
so crummy.  Do people really go to YouTube looking for audio?

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