[78-L] ^cracked CD?

Don Cox doncox at enterprise.net.invalid
Mon Feb 9 05:45:20 PST 2015

On 02/02/2015, Rodger Holtin wrote:

> Anybody else ever successfully played a cracked CD?
> Bought a used book with a CD in the glued-in sleeve in the back cover.
> It has a y-shaped crack in the inner of the foil and did not notice it
> when I put it in the deck until I noticed it skipping a little on
> track three. Tracks 5 and up play fine. It finally played all through
> with a few skips on 1-3. Could not rip it at all, some, part or all,
> but was able to capture most of it by playing it.
Did you try the program EAC ?

Sometimes that can recover a CD track that cannot be read normally. It
takes hours to do it.

Don Cox
doncox at enterprise.net

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