[78-L] CDs with paper labels

Don Cox doncox at enterprise.net.invalid
Mon Feb 9 05:50:17 PST 2015

Hello John

On 02/02/2015, John Wright wrote:
> Yesterday Rodger Holtin wrote: "a few weeks ago it was noted here that
> any CD with a paper label more than ten years old is probably toast. I
> checked mine, and sure enough, all toast. These were some I bought
> from the school, lectures etc. Our school library duped all their
> cassettes to CDs with paper labels and tossed the cassettes".
> Well, right now (in UK) I'm listening to, and regularly play, CDs that
> I assembled in 2003-2004, and stuck on paper labels. Ambrose and Ray
> Noble recordings from the tony projects, and programmes I recorded
> from BBC radio (in those days they still broadcast pre-1940s music).
> These CDs still play on the hi-fi CD player (2009), in the car (2009
> model Audi) and on my PC and laptop (2011 Dell).
The glue may vary.

And summer temperatures in Britain are much lower than in most parts of
the US, so degeneration is likely to be slower.

It would be wise to rip those CDs to a hard drive while they still play.

Don Cox
doncox at enterprise.net

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