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It's to bad the large hole didn't  become standard with all speeds.  It would have enabled one to hold the record safely with one hand - probably one reason why most 45s you come across are in pretty good condition - free of finger prints.  This would have worked well with 10 inch records and with most hands 12 inch records as well.
Another thought, I have at least one, maybe a couple of 12 inch 78s which are micro-groove, very impressive sound.
BTW, Michael, I remember a couple of years ago we had a discussion about whether the Lp symbol of CBS was a Capital "L" and a lower case "p", or if it was "LP" with the "P" lower on the line so that the bottom of the loop was in line with the cross bar of the "L".  I don't remember if there was a definitive answer given.

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When you talk about this aspect of 45s you have got to identify what
country you are writing from if you are not signing your postings like
rjh334578.  The Brits and much of Europe never were serviced by RCA's
45-only changers, thus they never liked the large hole.  Into the 1980s
most 45s there were "optional centers" with push-out centers.  Bu the
mid-80s they just gave up and used the small hole because all records
come off the presses with the small hole -- the large hole or push-out
perforations are an extra step, even here in the U.S.  The standards for
jukeboxes were supposed to allow for the use of hole size to switch
between 45 and 33 for 7-inch records, so small-hole 45s are

Since most 7-inch records now are from Britain, most have the small
hole.  But remember that the Soviet Union never used the 45 speed
(except for a one-time series exported for sale at Expo 67 Montreal). so
all their 7-inchers are 33.  In the post Soviet years there were two
12-inch 45s issued in Russia around 1991.  I have one of them.

When the 12-inch Disco single became popular, they made them at 45 to
get even better sound and volume, but because the IDIOT RECORD COMPANIES
did not change label formats to show which 12-inch records were 33 and
which were 45 (unlike when they changed label formats when the LP came
in) the U.S. disco jockeys got confused all the time and told the record
companies to make em all 33.  Europeans are smarter and could figure it
out, so most European 12-inch singles are 45.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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Disco singles were 33 and 45 in the 80s, and there were 12" 45RPM
albums which I guess were an attempt to placate the people with ears who

thought 33s were lousy (which they most certainly were). I remember
getting a 
2-disc set by a horrible amateur orchestra which really thought I'd
the extra quality as the massacred "Pictures at an Exhibition" and other

Around the time the large centre hole disappeared, companies stopped
the playing speed on the labels. Thanks, guys..thanks also for the bonus
in the Lazar Berman album which had a large hole but was to be played at
(It was a dub from a very noisy Russian 78 and it actually sounded
better at 45.)


On 12/2/2014 6:44 PM, rjh334578gmail wrote:
> Recently I've seen "45 singles" which are 12" discs which play at 45rpm
> Was at a record store last weekend and don't remember seeing any 7"
> records with the large hole, the "conventional" good ol' "45" as it
> were. I suppose they are out there, though.
> (Saw several new 10" picture records that played at 33rpm, a few 7"
> and several 12")
> Sent from my iPod - which explainz any bad typjng
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>> On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 3:28 AM, Kristjan Saag sez:
>>> Just partially retired.
>>> Juno Records in the UK who sells dance music and some indie pop
>>> records
>>> lists about 500-600 7'' releases only for the last eight weeks. A
>>> great
>>> deal of them are 45 rpm, some are 33 rpm.
>> ...as well, the 45rpm single is still commonly used by indie and
>> punk rock
>> acts in the United States and Canada...
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