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Wed Dec 3 06:53:53 PST 2014

On 12/3/2014 00:05, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
> It's to bad the large hole didn't  become standard with all speeds.  It would have enabled one to hold the record safely with one hand - probably one reason why most 45s you come across are in pretty good condition - free of finger prints.  This would have worked well with 10 inch records and with most hands 12 inch records as well.
> Another thought, I have at least one, maybe a couple of 12 inch 78s which are micro-groove, very impressive sound.
> BTW, Michael, I remember a couple of years ago we had a discussion about whether the Lp symbol of CBS was a Capital "L" and a lower case "p", or if it was "LP" with the "P" lower on the line so that the bottom of the loop was in line with the cross bar of the "L".  I don't remember if there was a definitive answer given.
> db

(Wrong Michael here, but...) I did a Google Books search on Columbia 
"Lp", to see how they advertised the long-playing record. The circled Lp 
monogram is used throughout, and is indicated as a registered trademark, 
but ads from 1948 through at least 1950 have "LP" in all caps. The 
earliest I found reference to upper-lower "Lp" being a trademark is 
1954, but it could have been earlier. Google may not have returned 
everything that was available.

This ad, from Feb 22, 1954, refers to the record as Lp and also contains 
boilerplate that the bottom asserting that "Columbia", "Lp", and 
"Masterworks" were registered trademarks:

However, the following ads all have "LP" in upper-case letters, with no 
trademark indication for the letters "Lp" or "LP" themselves, only the 
circled Lp monogram:

Life, Oct 11, 1948: 

Life, Nov 15, 1948: 

Life, May 9, 1949: 

Life, Oct 3, 1949: 

Life, Jan 23, 1950: 

And in 1955, Columbia was advertising the Columbia LP Record Club. Note: 
this is a two-page spread, most of which is in all caps. Only in the 
small boilerplate at the bottom of the second page will you see upper 
case/lower case, with Columbia "LP" (upper case and in quotes). There is 
no trademark indicia anywhere that I noticed.

Michael Shoshani

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