[78-L] Info wanted GENERAL Records G-10 Belgian Congo Denis-Roosevelt Expedition

Peter Fraissinet pf13 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 1 20:02:52 PDT 2014

Here is the OCLC record for this set (which incidentally also shows that 3 libraries own it, so it definitely was issued):

Title: Belgian Congo
Publication: [New York?] : General Records Co.,
Year: 1930s
Description: 6 sound discs : analog, 78 rpm ; 10 in.
Language: Niger-Kordofanian [Other]
Music Type: Dance forms; Songs
Standard No: Publisher: G-10; General Records Co.; 941; General Records Co.; 940; General Records Co.; 978; General Records Co.; 979; General Records Co.; 980; General Records Co.; 981; General Records Co.; 982; General Records Co.; 983; General Records Co.; 984; General Records Co.; 985; General Records Co.; 986; General Records Co.; 987; General Records Co.; LCCN: 2001-572981
Contents: Chansons manbelu -- Chansons babira -- Danse des Bapere -- Danse du Chef Karumi -- Xylophone -- Pygmees manbuti -- Danse des pygmees batwa -- Tambours royaux des Watuse -- Chant et danses bahutu -- Circumcision ritual.
Accession No: OCLC: 46859338

I agree that the Commodore album has the same contents (I have seen it).

I own the below version of the 78 album, missing one disc.  Here is the OCLC record for that set (which I believe was likely published in Belgium or France, not USA):

Title: Denis-Roosevelt African Expedition
Mission cinématographique Denis-Roosevelt.
Author(s): Denis, Armand. 
Roosevelt, Leila. 
Corp Author(s): Institut des parcs nationaux du Congo belge. 
Conf Author(s): Denis-Roosevelt African Expedition  (1935-1936)
Publication: [United States?] : A. Denis Productions ; Bruxelles : Institut des parcs nationaux du Congo belge,
Year: 1940s
Description: 6 sound discs : analog, 78 rpm ; 10 in.
Language: Undetermined; Sung in various Congolese languages.
Music Type: Folk music
Standard No: Publisher: R-941; Armand Denis Productions; R-940; Armand Denis Productions; R-978; Armand Denis Productions; R-979; Armand Denis Productions; R-980; Armand Denis Productions; R-981; Armand Denis Productions; R-982; Armand Denis Productions; R-983; Armand Denis Productions; R-984; Armand Denis Productions; R-985; Armand Denis Productions; R-987; Armand Denis Productions; R-986; Armand Denis Productions; LCCN: 00-534695
Contents: Manbetu songs = Chansons manbetu -- Babira songs = Chansons babira -- Bapere dance = Danse des Bapéré -- Chief Karumi's dance = Danse du chef Karumi -- Xylophone = Xylophone -- Mambuti Pigmy music = Pygmées Mambuti -- Batwa Pigmy dances = Danse des Pygmées Batwa -- Royal Watusi drums = Tambours royaux des Watusi -- Pigmy orchestra = Orchestra [sic] pygmée -- Bahutu chant and dances : Chant et danses Bahutu -- Babira circumcision ritual = Rites de la circoncision chez les Babira -- Bapere circumcision ritual = Rites de la circoncision chez les Bapéré.
Note(s): A. Denis Productions: R-940 (matrix)/R-987 (matrix)./ Recordings made by the Denis-Roosevelt African Expedition of 1935-36, under the leadership of Armand Denis and Leila Roosevelt./ Program and ethnographic notes in English on shelf with discs.
Other Titles: Mission cinématographique Denis-Roosevelt; Title on container:; Dark rapture :; Belgian Congo records; Belgian Congo records; Title on accompanying notes:; The Belgian Congo records : primitive African music : stirring rhythms and unusual melodic tunes as played by the people of the Great Equatorial Forest; Primitive African music
Material Type: Musical recording (msr); 78 rpm (78s)
Document Type: Sound Recording
Accession No: OCLC: 45123434

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I've had the EMPTY ALBUM for this (it's among stuff packed away from my garage)
and may have one or two of the discs somewhere, but it definitely exists.

Reeves was a recording studio. I didn't know they put out records on their own
label. Those R- prefix numbers are on a lot of small labels, including General
(the Jelly Roll Morton sides) and Continental (Bartok plays Bartok, among
others..those have S prefixes).


On 4/1/2014 10:18 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:
> Can anyone supply information on GENERAL G-10 ??
> I've seen references to it, dated 1937, and seen an offer for a booklet which would have
> accompanied the album, but haven't found the album/discs catalogued in any sources to which I have access.
> Was the GENERAL set actually issued?
> Can you supply the matrix nos., catalog numbers and label information ??
> There is a 6 record 78rpm set issued by REEVES SOUND,
> and catalog entries listing mx.R-940 through R-987 (this would be 24 sides!!!!)
> for the Belgian Congo recordings (articles indicate the discs are dubs of the soundtrack from film).
> Did the REEVES issue actually cover 24 sides - in how many albums - anyone have detailed contents listing
> (or is the matrix number range a typo...??. is this simply a reissue of G-10 or an issue of the
> recordings if GENERAL failed to release the set ??????????????)
> What was the relation of GENERAL and REEVES issues ??  dates ??
> COMMODORE issued an LP of recordings from the Denis-Roosevelt Expedition (1934-35)  DL 30,005
> The same material was again issued by MAINSTREAM S/6021
> Since COMMODORE owned the GENERAL masters, it is likely that their LP would be a reissue of the G-10.
> all insights and info welcome - Thanks!
> Best wishes, Thomas.

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