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Taylor Bowie bowiebks at isomedia.com
Sat Jan 25 10:40:55 PST 2014

Excellent summation of the reality of eBay,  Matt.

When I was doing eBay auctions about ten years ago (books,  records, 
printed ephemera) on one occasion I misdescribed an item as to actual 
vintage and the buyer was not pleased and sent me a very huffy email...so 
first I refunded her money and then wrote her to apologize and asked her to 
keep the book (it was about twenty bucks).  She was so taken aback and 
pleased that she actually bid on stuff with me several times more.

So regardless of the problem,  a quick refund really is your best bet to 
take care of these glitches.  And it will all come out in the wash if you're 
doing a lot of auctions...

Taylor Bowie

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I have come to treat these 'cases' as an occupational hazard. For every so 
many items I sell (mostly records) I will get a case opened against me. It 
is rare, though. I never supply another copy - always just refund total 
original outlay. I never ask for them to return the item. I just put it down 
as a loss, annoying though it is and move on.

Refunding rather than replacing removes the possibility of a further 
'freebie' like in the example given and closes the case quickly, saving 

The genuine buyer would get a better service by messaging rather than 
opening a case where a real discussion can be had to resolve a 
problem....and the not so genuine will not end up with any more of my stuff 
than necessary and will be blocked.

Not ideal, but.....is anything?

Matt, UK.

On Saturday, 25 January 2014, 17:24, Mark Bardenwerper 
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Hello folks,
Not record related, but nonetheless of concern to anyone selling in Ebay.
I am selling a quantity of key blanks in one auction. They have been
selling steadily. I sent one to a fellow who was not happy with a
shipping delay, so he opened a case with Ebay (without contacting me).
Ebays says, "You guys just work it out. We will not interfere."
The key presumably got lost in shipping, so rather that try to figure
that out, I just sent him another one, along with my apologies, to which
he was most understanding. Because the items were sent 1st class, there
were no tracking numbers to trace.
I emailed several times until he told me the key had arrived. Then
silence. Happy customer, yes, no?
Dead air for several days despite pleas to close the case (meanwhile
Paypal witholds my payment).
I finally send the case to Ebay, telling them that customer acknowledges
receipt of key, but will not close the case.
What does Ebay do? Close the case? No!
Refunds the money to the customer, supposedly with no impact to me.
Two keys from me for free! With Ebay's blessing!!!
Completely legal shoplifting.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

Technology...thoughtfully, responsibly.

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