[78-L] Ebay Awry

Don Cox doncox at enterprise.net
Sun Jan 26 05:48:24 PST 2014

On 25/01/2014, Matthew Duncan wrote:

> I have come to treat these 'cases' as an occupational hazard. For
> every so many items I sell (mostly records) I will get a case opened
> against me. It is rare, though. I never supply another copy - always
> just refund total original outlay. I never ask for them to return the
> item. I just put it down as a loss, annoying though it is and move on.
It is like shop lifting. The seller has to allow for a certain
percentage loss and include it in the price.

> Refunding rather than replacing removes the possibility of a further
> 'freebie' like in the example given and closes the case quickly,
> saving time.
> The genuine buyer would get a better service by messaging rather than
> opening a case where a real discussion can be had to resolve a
> problem....and the not so genuine will not end up with any more of my
> stuff than necessary and will be blocked.
> Not ideal, but.....is anything?

Don Cox
doncox at enterprise.net

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