[78-L] Christian question

David Weiner djwein at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 16 12:25:38 PST 2013

One of the first - if not the first - guitarist to show the Christian
influence was Bus Etri, who played with Charlie Barnet's band from 1937 to
his death in 1941. By early 1940, he had switched from acoustic to
electric and incorporated a lot of Christian into his playing.

Example attached - WANDRIN' BLUES, from March 1940.


Dave Weiner
On 12/16/13 2:57 PM, "Joe Scott" <joenscott at mail.com> wrote:

>The ES-150 hit stores in '36. The greatest virtuosos recording jazz
>electric guitar as of about '38-'39 seem to have been Zeke Campbell and
>Christian, best I can tell.
>Some of the people who recorded on electric guitar before Christian did
>are Campbell, George Barnes, Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Durham, Bill Broonzy
>(on a bunch of Sonny Boy Williamson sides including big hits), Bob
>Symons, and I think the earliest recordings of Les Paul on the radio too.
>Basically, about half of those people played in a similar style to
>Christian imo.

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