[78-L] War of the Worlds on LP

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 29 17:55:43 PDT 2013

The Longines Symphonette version is identical to the Evolution except that it 
IS mono. It also has the overlapping dialogue at the 15 minute point (original 
transcription discs sides 1 & 2) and about a 1-second blank spot somewhere 
(don't ask me where, I transferred that thing to open reel decades ago and 
spliced out the gap). Obviously a bit of leader someone neglected to remove, or 
something similar.

The Audio Rarities was the first version issued, in the 50s, from pretty bad 
sources, missing the opening, sounding as if the last few minutes were from bad 
78 lacquers.


On 10/29/2013 8:29 PM, Sammy Jones wrote:
> It dawned on me tonight (as I await the airing of the new PBS doc on the
> show) that I don't own a copy of the famous Evolution double-LP set of the
> War of the Worlds.  I checked eBay, and all copies of Evolution 4001 appear
> to be *gasp* simulated stereo.
> Did Evolution ever issue this version in mono?  If not, are the CD copies in
> circulation (Metacom, Radio Spirits) really sourced from this pseudo-stereo
> record?  Of the several CD restorations I've heard, the Metacom disc from
> the mid-90s seems to be the least objectionable.
> I've got the Audio Rarities release, which I believe is cut.  Any other
> notable versions worth owning on LP?
> Sammy Jones
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