[78-L] War of the Worlds on LP

Sammy Jones sjones69 at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 29 17:29:55 PDT 2013

It dawned on me tonight (as I await the airing of the new PBS doc on the 
show) that I don't own a copy of the famous Evolution double-LP set of the 
War of the Worlds.  I checked eBay, and all copies of Evolution 4001 appear 
to be *gasp* simulated stereo.

Did Evolution ever issue this version in mono?  If not, are the CD copies in 
circulation (Metacom, Radio Spirits) really sourced from this pseudo-stereo 
record?  Of the several CD restorations I've heard, the Metacom disc from 
the mid-90s seems to be the least objectionable.

I've got the Audio Rarities release, which I believe is cut.  Any other 
notable versions worth owning on LP?

Sammy Jones

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