[78-L] progeny of 78-era artists

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 13 19:44:52 PDT 2013

A colleague of mine, Paul DeCourcy who was a newscaster in Toronto, was the son 
of Joe DeCourcy who led a number of dance bands in Toronto but who'd also been 
with Paul Whiteman at some point. Not sure if that counts.


On 10/13/2013 10:37 PM, Rodger J. Holtin wrote:
> My wife is an avid/rabid genealogist, and sometimes our interests line up
> in odd or interesting ways.
> My grandfather made high-quality straight razors in the 1910-1940s and once
> in a while the family will hear from people who collect that stuff looking
> for info about him.  This has stopped - for now, anyway, as none of the
> family is anywhere near the old home town, so the searches for us probably
> end there.  I suspect the name will get traced on Facebook as one of my
> cousins sons has granddad's name, so maybe he's getting the inquiries now -
> I should ask.  Anyway, the best story was well-known around town when it
> happened, but we have no paper record or it.  Seems the FBI came calling in
> early December of 1941 because there was an envelope addressed to him from
> the emperor of Japan, an order for more razors.  Seems Grandpa been selling
> special razors to the emperor for years.  He used them once and gave them
> away as souvenirs - a real treat for the local Japanese or visiting
> dignitaries to have a fine razor "made in USA".  So far as we know, my
> brother and I are the only ones who have any of granddad's original razors,
> and we used to get requests to sell them or for pictures of them and
> anything else - pix of the shop, advertising, etc.
> Just curious how many have had any contact with the descendants of 78-era
> performers.  I read something on some website about County Joe Washburn and
> there was a post/reply from his grandson.  Ran into another from an unnamed
> poster who said his grandfather had played for Rudy Vallee.
> I can imagine a bunch of grandkids of guys who played for Coon-Sanders or
> Arthur Pryor or whoever might be searching for gramp's stuff - if they know
> about it.  Anybody run into any of that?

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