[78-L] progeny of 78-era artists

Rodger J. Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 19:37:53 PDT 2013

My wife is an avid/rabid genealogist, and sometimes our interests line up
in odd or interesting ways.

My grandfather made high-quality straight razors in the 1910-1940s and once
in a while the family will hear from people who collect that stuff looking
for info about him.  This has stopped - for now, anyway, as none of the
family is anywhere near the old home town, so the searches for us probably
end there.  I suspect the name will get traced on Facebook as one of my
cousins sons has granddad's name, so maybe he's getting the inquiries now -
I should ask.  Anyway, the best story was well-known around town when it
happened, but we have no paper record or it.  Seems the FBI came calling in
early December of 1941 because there was an envelope addressed to him from
the emperor of Japan, an order for more razors.  Seems Grandpa been selling
special razors to the emperor for years.  He used them once and gave them
away as souvenirs - a real treat for the local Japanese or visiting
dignitaries to have a fine razor "made in USA".  So far as we know, my
brother and I are the only ones who have any of granddad's original razors,
and we used to get requests to sell them or for pictures of them and
anything else - pix of the shop, advertising, etc.

Just curious how many have had any contact with the descendants of 78-era
performers.  I read something on some website about County Joe Washburn and
there was a post/reply from his grandson.  Ran into another from an unnamed
poster who said his grandfather had played for Rudy Vallee.

I can imagine a bunch of grandkids of guys who played for Coon-Sanders or
Arthur Pryor or whoever might be searching for gramp's stuff - if they know
about it.  Anybody run into any of that?

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