[78-L] Caruso with wrong label

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Wed Sep 18 07:38:28 PDT 2013

I'm glad you brought this up because the copy I recently got is only
five feet from me, and I see it is the second recording.  I've got
another one somewhere downstairs which I hope is the earlier recording!

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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And although it didn't involve an acoustic/electrical crossover, both
versions of Ernest Lough's "Hear My Prayer" have identical HMV labels,
(in fact I wasn't even aware that there were two versions until I ran
into Ernest Lough in the Temple Church in 1977).  The two versions are
easy to distinguish, (once you know about them), because the first
release was take III on both sides and the later release was take VI on
side one and take VIII on side two.  I assume the take sequence was just
continued when they re-recorded it so that both sides would have begun
with take IV.  The North American Victor release was only the first take
III version, (I guess the record wasn't as popular here as it was in


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>Only a reminder...
>A bit logic + a bit observation of sister company HMV proceeds... make
>one suppose that Victrola reissues of old low numbered batwings with
>new Ortho labels are surely not so rare.
>Victrolas that were popular enough (like Carusos, Heifertzs or
>Kreislers, Galli-Curcis, Rachmaninoffs...) when no electrical
>re-recording was made, reissues of old acoustics were made with Ortho
>labels. Even sometimes the acoustic repressings coexisted with the new
>electricals (high takes of the same matrix no.). At least in HMV it
>happened with some records. I own two 1928 pressings of Amelita's "Una
>voce"; one is the acoustical DB-261 and the other is the electrical
>DB-1355 , and both are 1928 pressings with the proper (same) HMV label
>styles. It could well have happened with Victrolas.. Didn't it?

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