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David Weiner djwein at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 17 07:28:12 PDT 2013

Hi Han,

As I mentioned, the "regular" pressing of this 1930 disc DOES use the
Batwing label. 

Dave Weiner

On 9/17/13 8:14 AM, "Han Enderman" <jcenderman at solcon.nl> wrote:

>I have numerous Victrola label pictures in this series, starting with
>Victrola 500.
>This seems to be a continuous numerical series unto the 1500s.
>My last image is 1507; after that I have only 1550, 1558 (West Coast pr),
>1623, 1658,
>and this might suggest there are numerical gaps at the end.
>My last batwing in this series is Victrola 1162.
>Victrola 1168-1435 have the first scroll label (VTM Co at 6h).
>Then for a short range/time the VTM Div label (1437-1453), so the present
>1437 Caruso
>is the first one known to me now (except of course a few repressings of
>lower numbers). 
>From 1466 on I see the 2nd scroll label (RCA Victor Co), which remains
>unto the end.
>So there cannot be a normal batwing pressing - as already indicated by
>the 1930 date.
>Did the Caruso East Coast repressing deliberately use the old batwing
>han enderman
>>>> Seems to me "VTM Division" isn't seen that often at the bottom either.
>On 9/16/2013 12:52 PM, David Weiner wrote:
>> Happy to win this recently ­ Caruso's last "new" release, coughed out by
>> Victor in 1930. The East Coast pressing I have uses the Batwing label,
>> apparently a mistake was made on this West Coast issue and they used the
>> Scroll Orthophonic label.  These sides are dubbed, but they are straight
>> acoustics, and do not have an electrical orchestra added.
>> Dave Weiner
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