[78-L] Is it really rarest blues record?, or, Troubled earth

Joe Scott joenscott at mail.com
Thu Aug 29 10:30:59 PDT 2013

... "'Can you be more specific': just listen to for example to Green River
Blues.. It can directly projected on a full rock (band ) arrangment...
In terms of drive, bass,-treble counter point . etc, etc This is a blue
It's wonderful, but when Jimmy Preston recorded "Rock The Joint" in 1949, e.g., was that one of the recordings he'd ever heard? I don't think it has any drive relevant to rock music that countless other blues recordings of the era don't have.
" ..No one has this done before (at least this good and managed to
get recorded)"
Some examples of recordings that are earlier, similar, and imo as good:
"Jail House Blues" Robert Wilkins
"Judge Harsh Blues" Furry Lewis
"K.C. Railroad Blues" Andrew and Jim Baxter
"One Dime Blues" Lemon Jefferson
"Poor Boy Long Ways From Home" Gus Cannon and Blind Blake
"Skin Game Blues" Peg Leg Howell
or if you want something that sounds way more like rock and roll than "Green River Blues" or any of those do,
"Hastings St." Blind Blake and Charlie Spand
was also earlier.
Charlie Patton began recording about five and a half years into the history of commercial recordings of folk-style self-accompanied blues singer/guitarists. There wasn't all that much that he did first on record.
Joseph Scott

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