[78-L] 16 2/3 & 8 rpm

Ted Kneebone tkneebone1 at abe.midco.net
Mon Aug 5 13:28:07 PDT 2013

While I was librarian at the SD School for the Blind,
we had talking book discs cut at 33 1/3 rpm, 16 2/3,
and 8 rpm.  I think the 33 1/3 rpm were talking books,
but the 16s and 8s were usually talking book magazines.
    The talking book phonographs allowed playing
discs at all those speeds.  The kids who tried playing
standard long playing 33 1/3 discs of music were likely to be
disappointed at the poor sound.   
    I believe the state library for the blind recalled all these
old talking book phonographs.  They issued cassette players
to replace these disc machines.  More later. . . 
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