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Thanks Joe.  I saw that listing of titles but there's no way of knowing if those are right.  We'd need a catalog listing.  Three of the four records inside the set I believe were Vocalion issues (I'm not near the set now to double check) but, again, there's no way of knowing what originally was in there.  The collection had about ten Autry Okehs in it.



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Greetings from FixitLand!

Glenn Longwell wrote:

> ...I picked up a small collection today that had the Gene Autry Okeh K-1 Cowboy Songs set.  There was also several more Gene Autry Okehs in 10" binders.  Since the set doesn't say which records belong in it, which 4 catalog numbers originally came with this set?  ...

Wow...this is something of a stumper. I've not seen a CBS-era Columbia or OKeh album set that didn't specify the included records on the inside-front-cover liner sheet, nor album records that didn't specify the album number and name on the labels. I know OKeh Set K-2 "Theme Songs" is 6631/4, but browsing through the purple-OKeh Abrams file I don't see four Autry records in a row. And I could swear I've seen one of the Autry-set records, too.

I found a listing of records *supposedly* belonging to Set K-1 (from a listing on CollectorsFrenzy.com):

"The Last Round-up", "Way Out West In Texas", "My Old Saddle Pal", "I'll Go Riding Down That Texas Trail", "The Old Trail", "Ride Tenderfoot Ride", "Old Buckaroo Goodbye", & "Rhythm of the Range"

These are all Vocalion originals, and I find them in the Abrams file only as their Vocalion issues, which must mean that K-1 escaped Steve Abrams' attention. Praguefrank's online Autry discog doesn't list any OKeh issues of these, much less in the vicinity of the 6630s as with Set K-2. (Of course, repressings of the Vocalions *did* come out on OKeh, but I'm unaware of an instance where CBS ever issued an album using existing older catalog numbers, as did Decca.) I'll need to check at home; will do so when I can get back to the rekkud room.

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