[78-L] LP set of 1908 Carmen... in German.

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Okay, thank you all... well ALMOST all of you. I received off-list a "Don't waste your effort, Ward Marston's already done it" type of email from an S & R Pinsker. Now, I wouldn't really consider that rude, but mayhaps I LIKE the challenge of re-doing a transfer. Ward goes great work, but if I am going to get something better than proficient at this, I need the practice. And, also MAYBE I'd like to have it in the digital domain for myself.

Not that your opinion is not valued, Mr Pinsker, I just vehemently disagree with it.

End-of-rant. Sorry to bother the rest of you with it.

Oh, and the LP transfer ain't too bad, and it beats lugging 56 sides thru the computer... and it IS a bit of a challenge, which I am working on now.


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