[78-L] LP set of 1908 Carmen... in German.

Stewart, Joseph R RandyStewart at MissouriState.edu
Thu Jul 25 12:07:48 PDT 2013

Mike Harkin asked:
Did you find 78's or an lp issue?? Marston has issued a 1908 Carmen with Emmi Destinn, in German, 56 sides.? An lp dubbing of this?

This Discophilia set dates from the mid-1970s.  They also produced an LP dub of the contemporaneous "Faust" with some of the same cast members (Karl Jorn, Emmy Destinn), along with single LPs devoted to various 78rpm-era German singers. I don't have the U.S. "High Fidelity" magazines from that period close by, but I remember first hearing about these sets from reviews in that mag.
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