[78-L] RCA 16" Electrical Transcriptions MGM movies

Robert Shirer rshirer at neb.rr.com
Thu Jul 25 15:38:01 PDT 2013

Hi all, 

I came up with a pile of transcriptions today, along with a machine to play them on.  Lots of Armed Forces stuff from the fifties.  The most interesting are 16" one-sided discs on Vitrolac, recorded at 331/3, with musical and bare-bones plot synopses from 30"s MGM movies.  I have 15 of them, and I've never seen such things before. Everything from "Let Freedom Ring" to "Love finds Andy Hardy"!   I assume they were from radio shows that plugged MGM movies.  Anybody know how many of these were done.  The ones I have each have an RCA envelope and most have a needle attached.  They look almost mint.  Grateful for any further info.
Bob Shirer

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