[78-L] Last alive to record an acoustical DD?

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By any chance, do we know what the matrix or catalogue number was for the selection he participated in?

As far as I know, the last surviving "name" performer who recorded for Edison may have been Dorothea Ponce Verkamp (1909-2000), one of the Ponce Sisters.

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 Subject: [78-L] Last alive to record an acoustical DD?
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 Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 6:43 PM
 If all goes according to plan,
 tomorrow I will meet a 104 year old gentleman
 who was part of the Drury High School Band which cut a
 Diamond Disc in 1924.
 Am I correct in assuming that he may be the last person
 alive to record an
 acoustic Edison disk?   If you had the
 chance, what would you ask him?
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