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According to George T. Simon,Bradley never got back into the band business after he and McKinley parted company.I read that in his book "The Big Bands" back in 1968 when I was given that  book as a gift.I was 17 at the time.I had one Anita O'Day 78 on Signature with Bradley conducting on one side and Benny Carter on the other:"How High The Moon" and "Key Largo".There is more on the Miller -McKinley Army Air Force info in Simon's 1974 book on Glenn Miller.He was a CBS staff musician as I recall.I seems to me I read that by way of George T. Simon whom I had talked to in the late '80s when I found a reissue of Miller's '37 Decca recording of "Peg O'My Heart b/w "Moonlight Bay" in a junk store in North Bend,Oregon.This was in 1987.
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 I do not remember where I read it,
 but I am almost positive that Bradley
 became a CBS network staff musician which would explain the
 connection. The Signature date you cite was a studio group.
 And you are
 correct, if he were in the military, Miller would have
 grabbed him in a
 second. He and McKinley would have gladly co-run the band
 after Miller
 died (there were no hard feelings between the two leaders at
 the time of
 the break-up. Both of them wanted to go in different musical
 Jeff Sultanof
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 > A lot of sources say that the Will Bradley-Ray McKinley
 band broke up when
 > Ray decided to quit in either January of
 > February of 1942. And their Columbia contract ends in
 January as well. My
 > question is: did they really do so? I realize
 > that some of the men in Bradley-McKinley -- Peanuts
 Hucko being one --
 > went into the very short lived band that Ray
 > started afterward. But did Will Bradley attempt to
 continue? He is leading
 > a band for Signature in 1944 and still has
 > Billy Maxted in his retinue at that point.
 > Another question -- and this is easier -- is that imdb
 has Will Bradley
 > going into the military after the Bradley-McKinley
 > split. Sure; imdb is not a very reliable source for
 info about musicians,
 > but they brought it up. I show that Bradley
 > participated on some sides with Jimmy Lytell and
 Savannah Churchill for
 > Beacon later in 1942, was a guest on the
 > radio show "Beat the Band" on 11-3-1943 and on Mildred
 Bailey's radio
 > program 11-10-1944. That seems like an
 > awful lot of furlough for a military man. Also, had he
 been in the
 > service, I doubt that Glenn Miller would have allowed
 > him to evade the draft into the AEF band, despite his
 enmity with Ray
 > McKinley.
 > So did Will Bradley spend the war in the war, or on the
 > Uncle Dave Lewis
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