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Grampophone Shop Encyclopedia 1936, p.384
RHEINBERGER, Josef (I839-I90I)
A German organist, conductor, and composer
largely of organ and choral music. Today he is
remembered almost entirely as a composer for the
organ and his works are a prominent feature of
contemporary organists' repertories.
CONCERTOOrgan & Orch., No. 2, G minor, Op. 177
WITHDRAWN: W. Fischer & Orch. (B-25021/3 :
PD-66445/7) ,,,,,,,,


There are a few worke listed in each edition of the GS  -- '36, '42 and '48 -- but no op.177....

Mike in Plovdiv

Now how the bloody h*** did I miss that??????!!!!!  Seniliity must be even further advanced
than I suspected!!!!

M in P, with abject apologies

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