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On 25/05/13 05:04, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
> Can anybody tell me why Mr. WERM and Mr. Hall completely ignore Joseph Rheinberger?  I have a Brunswick 78 of the first movement of Rheinberger's Organ Concerto Op. 177, played by Walter Fischer of the Berlin Cathedral with orchestra.  This is a single disc and I'm wondering if it's the first record of a set or if it was issued as a single.  I think this is the first time I have ever come across a record on a major label which is within WERM's time period but is omitted by the guide.
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It's listed in Ross Laird's Brunswick books:

WALTER FISCHER, organ solo with orchestra. Berlin, Oct   ,1926
187bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.1 - 1st Movement Br 25021
188bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.2 - 1st Movement Br 25021
189bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.3 - 2nd Movement Br 25022
190bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.4 - 2nd Movement Br 25022
191bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.5 - 3rd Movement Br 25023
192bm Organ Concerto, Op. 177 (Rheinberger), Pt.6 - 3rd Movement Br 25023

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