[78-L] Varsity Classical LP ID

David Lewis uncledavelewis at hotmail.com
Sat May 18 11:35:29 PDT 2013

Mr. Lennick wrote:
By the way, is it really in D minor on your copy? Better play it at 45RPM....

Indeed, it is G minor of course. It's been a rough morning...
Mr. Lennick,
Can you hear side joins? Obie had a Mozart 40 on Masterpiece and World's 
Greatest. Curiously enough, I can't find a version on Telefunken from around 
this period.

I have listened for that specifically, and sadly, this is not an easy one. Sounds
like tape; a first generation one at that, terrific sound for an injection molded
Varsity really. And no cock crows or auto horns that i can hear -- that would 
make it too easy I guess.
I have posted the whole symphony in an mp3 to this file:
Warning: Movement three is a rough ride -- that's another reason why I'd like to find an
alternate source for it. 

Uncle Dave Lewis
uncledavelewis at hotmail.com


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