[78-L] Record collecting

Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Sat Dec 29 12:21:56 PST 2012

There are a number of reasons why you acquire or need to acquire a record --
1)  You need to have the record in order to hear it.  The sound is 
obtainable no other way.
2)  You have already heard it but you want your own copy of it, which 
you might:
     A) Play it because you know you already will like it, or
     B)  Shelve it because you have already heard it and may refer to it 
some later time.
3)  You need to actually have it in order to do discographical or 
mechanical research on it.

For example, two days ago when opening up the two dozen boxes that had 
accumulated while I was away, I discovered to my surprise I HAD won the 
Bix Memorial album on the Nauction.  It was a surprise because I hadn't 
seen Kurt's email telling me that there had been a bookkeeping error 
when doing the original invoices.  Because of my pre-Steinweiss research 
I am seeking out special landmark albums. So I wanted the album itself 
as an item.  The labels came out in four different types, and this set 
provides two of the four types. While 9 sides are previously unissued 
alternate takes, I wanted to double check that they are indeed master 
pressings.  The are.  Two of the reissue sides do show evidence of the 
original disc number being shaved off the master, and the third reissue 
is take 2R with a diamond V.E.

Now I really like Bix's music but I haven't put these on a turntable 
yet.  I've already heard these because I have them in several other 
forms.  I will get around to them, but I am sitting next to 5 milk 
crates of 78s I haven't heard yet.  I am reading thru the booklet for 
the set which I haven't seen before.  It gives lie to George Avakian's 
claim that he wrote THE first jazz liner notes in his Chicago Jazz album 
that came out four years later.

I also collect catalogs, periodicals, books about records, and other 
research materials, so it is more than just collecting the records. I 
know that Steve Ramm is going to moan about my having too many records 
that I won't listen to, books I won't read,  DVD's I haven't watched,m 
stuff I can't lift, and a burden for Leah,  but she says she wants this 

Mike Biel   mbiel at mbiel.com

On 12/29/2012 5:32 AM, Don Cox wrote:
> On 29/12/2012, Bud Black wrote:
>> To my way of thinking there are two types of collectors. Those who
>> collect primarily for the rarity of the artist or label, and others
>> (like me) who are interested in the recorded content and couldn't give
>> a fig about the label or tiresome serial numbers. In other words, play
>> me a toe-tapping Billy Murray, Irving Kaufman, Gene Austin or even a
>> Peerless Quartette, and ask me if I care about the label. But, as I
>> say, that's just me.
> Same here. I would say I collect music, rather than records.
> Or maybe "explore" music would be more accurate.
> Regards

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