[78-L] Record collecting

Don Cox doncox at enterprise.net
Sat Dec 29 02:32:41 PST 2012

On 29/12/2012, Bud Black wrote:

> To my way of thinking there are two types of collectors. Those who
> collect primarily for the rarity of the artist or label, and others
> (like me) who are interested in the recorded content and couldn't give
> a fig about the label or tiresome serial numbers. In other words, play
> me a toe-tapping Billy Murray, Irving Kaufman, Gene Austin or even a
> Peerless Quartette, and ask me if I care about the label. But, as I
> say, that's just me.
Same here. I would say I collect music, rather than records. 

Or maybe "explore" music would be more accurate. 

Don Cox
doncox at enterprise.net

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