[78-L] Willie Howard on Gala, was Re: Gala: different label styles, is it the same company?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 18 06:03:55 PST 2012

I meant to say that I've never seen the Willie Howard on LP. I've had the 78 
set twice. The lp is advertised on page 4 of the November 1952 "Long Player" 
(in an ad shared with a label called Academy...no idea if they were owned by 
the same company, but it didn't look like two separate advertisements). Also, 
Howard recorded a couple of sides for Jubilee in the late 40s and these are on 
the "Allan Sherman & Friends" lp.


On 11/18/2012 1:08 AM, Philip Fukuda wrote:
> Here is the information of the circa 1942 Willie Howard Gala album. It was Gala album 1 entitled "Willie Howard in an album of Comedy and Songs." Sides are:
> 1000A: French Taught in a Hurry, part 1 (115A)
> 1000B: French Taught in a Hurry, part 2 (116-1B)
> 1001A: Tyrone Shapiro (119-1A)
> 1001B: Moscow Art Players (117A)
> 1002A: Comes the Revolution! (118-2A)
> 1002B: Jessel, Jolson and Cantor (imitations) (120B)
> By the way, Belle Baker is on Gala album 3.
> Philip
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>> On 11/15/2012 10:23 PM, David Lewis wrote:
>>> All of the Dwight Fiske Galas, as far as I've been able
>> to tell, were sourced from Fiskana records of the early
>> 1930s. Oddly, the originalsdon't sound a great deal better
>> than the Gala dubs in a lot of cases. Greg Fernandez has a
>> 10" Dwight Fiske LP on Gala. This was certainly minted by
>> Jubilee, showing that they used the Gala name afterthey
>> acquired the company, at least for a time.
>>> Uncle Dave Lewis
>>> uncledavelewis at hotmail.com
>> A lot of Fiskanas were dubbed onto Gala and have the same
>> numbers (i.e. "099"
>> is derived from Fiskana 36099) but there were a lot of newer
>> recordings on Gala
>> as well as remakes of the older titles. I have two Fiske
>> lps..Gala 100, which
>> might be a Jubilee product and which lists 3 other albums on
>> the back cover as
>> well as 4 by Charley Drew, 2 by Nan Blakstone and one by
>> Willie Howard (not one
>> of which I've ever run across in my life), and Monarch 206
>> which is likely new
>> material.
> (snipped Dwight Fiske discography)
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